#TOOMUCHMAKEUP: Is There Such a Thing?

A few weeks ago, I read this article called “7 People On Why They Wear ‘Too Much Makeup'” on Bustle and really enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I liked what each person said; maybe because it brought me bad to one of my very first posts on this blog (check it out here). This is, well, essentially an updated (shorter, dear god) version of my early blog post. Check it out!

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 5.18.55 PM.png

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#THELIST: 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

As I sit here watching Fifth Harmony sing their hearts out on TV for New Year’s Eve and responding to texts from my friends in China who are already thriving in 2017, it finally hits. 2016 is over. Soooooo~

let’s pay homage to the good ol’ tradition and make our NY Resolution list! Here are three of my NY Resolutions.


cheers to 2016. it’s been real.

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#TRAVELJOURNEY: Therapeutic, Fancy Houses

I didn’t post for two weeks!! Ah, I’m so sorry…been sick and having post-Trump trauma. I’m getting back on my grind though. Here are some nice pictures of a mansion at San Jose I visited to help soothe anyone who may be having a rough week…


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#ANXIETY: Beauty Routines Can Help With Anxiety

Short post today ~~ I read an article by Meg Zulch on Bustle on How My Beauty Routine Has Helped My Anxiety. Meg is a popular blogger on Bustle’s platform; even though she posted this article a year ago, reading it touched me so much that I want to share it all with you!


PC: Meg Zulch on Bustle

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#TWENTY: 10 Thoughts About Turning 20

Hey lovelies, today is my birthday today! ­čÖé I am turning the big 2 – 0, and it’s been quite a bit of an emotional realization for me that two decades of my life has gone by. So, to reflect on my past 20 years, here is a list of 10 important things that I have learned and will never forget. Yes, 10 things – I could not think of 20 life lessons, don’t kill me please.


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#LifeTips: 3 Stages of Handling Frustration in a Healthy Way

We all come across frustrating experiences in our daily lives. Perhaps a relative refuses to┬álisten to your advice, or you end up failing a test you prepared very hard for. Last week, I went to Beijing to do field research and was frustrated by the attitude of the people at the field site towards me – to add to this frustration, I was in a rural area, which made me personally feel squeamish since I love urban atmospheres a lot.

How should we best cope with these frustrating experiences that basically scream at us to give up, no matter how much we love someone or something? Here are three tips:


how do we know where to head when frustration clouds our minds?

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#DECLUTTER: Three Reasons To Do a Makeup Drawer Cleanse

Hey lovelies! Hope everyone’s week has been going well. I was inspired once again by Estee Lalonde’s video on Makeup De-cluttering, and wanted to just quickly motivate everyone with an overflowing makeup drawer to engage in a nice spring clean. Let’s jump in!


1 That Expiration Date Though

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