I’m back!!!!! I know you missed me 😛

Over the weekend, I went on a crazy Disneyland adventure in LA with my college dorm. So many people in my dorm were like, “oh my gosh, I’m never been to a Disneyland, I’m so excited!” Meanwhile, this summer I rushed to Disneyland Shanghai, and proceeded to tell myself that I have relived my childhood and am ready to move on. Then, I saw that the ticket for Disneyland LA was heavily subsidized by my dorm, and was like lol I don’t mind reliving it again. Without further ado, Disneyland LA 2017!


real talk, this castle v small

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#TRAVELJOURNEY: Therapeutic, Fancy Houses

I didn’t post for two weeks!! Ah, I’m so sorry…been sick and having post-Trump trauma. I’m getting back on my grind though. Here are some nice pictures of a mansion at San Jose I visited to help soothe anyone who may be having a rough week…


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#TRAVELJOURNEY: A Short San Fran Excursion

A short post today about a nice little adventure I went on. I helped organize a certain conference at our university, and for our last day we went to San Francisco – what did we do? Check out these pictures!


a 6AM sunrise

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TRAVEL JOURNEY: What a Day at Half Moon Bay

Ah, what is spring break without a beach trip? Went with a few friends to Half Moon Bay State Beach, San Gregorio Beach, and Pompino Beach yesterday. Take a look at all the fun we had!


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FUNNIES: 4 Memes To Describe Winter Break

Winter break has been really awesome so far, complete with impressive productivity on things I need to catch up on, lazy days watching movies and eating Ben and Jerry’s, and most important, feeling truly at home with my family. I’ve been lounging in bed reading Buzzfeed articles so needless to say, for Blogmas Day 12, here are my favorite memes or images that describe winter break for a college girl.fb4ed21e73da9599089cbda4cad1046bc20330f3e1b25de592477535d97074f1

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TASTE JOURNEY: The Winter Break Asian Food Haul

I’ve arrived back home, and there is no better way to commemorate the true start of winter break than with food. Thus, I went to a huge Asian supermarket today – here are some things I snagged. I invite you to salivate over my short (but delicious) post for Blogmas Day 5!


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Me and Myself: A Day Trip

I went on a day trip today where I walked to the Stanford Dish, Stanford Shopping Center, and University Ave. It was a way for me to unwind and also consciously reflect on my college experience so far. This showed me that a vacation can be as short as a day, because if I focus on relaxation and self-reflection, the amount of time doesn’t really matter anymore. Come along with me as I kick off a beautiful, simple vacation day.

7:45AM A Slow Rise

I wake up nice and early to give myself enough time to wash my face, put on some makeup, and gather my essentials for going out today. Since I’m going to walk a ton today, I will wear athletic clothing and pack minimal. I treat myself to a nice breakfast on my dorm’s terrace with eggs, sausage, vegan quesadillas, watermelon, and some Cocoa Puff cereal for a treat. It’s chilly outside, but refreshing at the same time. I never underestimate having a meal outside.

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