I’m back!!!!! I know you missed me 😛

Over the weekend, I went on a crazy Disneyland adventure in LA with my college dorm. So many people in my dorm were like, “oh my gosh, I’m never been to a Disneyland, I’m so excited!” Meanwhile, this summer I rushed to Disneyland Shanghai, and proceeded to tell myself that I have relived my childhood and am ready to move on. Then, I saw that the ticket for Disneyland LA was heavily subsidized by my dorm, and was like lol I don’t mind reliving it again. Without further ado, Disneyland LA 2017!


real talk, this castle v small

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#FOODJOURNEY: Delicious, Delicious Japanese Cuisine

Hi y’all! Who is excited that Christmas is 4 days away??? *starts playing all the Christmas tunes*

Today, I want to share some good food porn with you. Just before going home, I went to a lovely Japanese ramen restaurant in Mountain View, California. I ate so much and regret absolutely 0%!!!


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#TRAVELJOURNEY: Therapeutic, Fancy Houses

I didn’t post for two weeks!! Ah, I’m so sorry…been sick and having post-Trump trauma. I’m getting back on my grind though. Here are some nice pictures of a mansion at San Jose I visited to help soothe anyone who may be having a rough week…


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#FOODJOURNEY: Korean Food Again? Korean Food Again.

…….It’s almost embarrassing how much I’ve posted on Korean food – like I enjoy all different types of food, trust me. But like Korean food is addictive.

That deokbokki. That mandu. You feel me?

Last Friday, I went to Sudam, a Korean restaurant~ So, as I continue plowing through midterms, let’s please enjoy the food porn below.


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#TRAVELJOURNEY: A Short San Fran Excursion

A short post today about a nice little adventure I went on. I helped organize a certain conference at our university, and for our last day we went to San Francisco – what did we do? Check out these pictures!


a 6AM sunrise

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#TRAVELJOURNEY: Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium

For labor day weekend, I went into the mountains of Colorado to attend the esteemed Telluride Film Festival (43rd Year). I was part of a student symposium program, where I met undergrad and grad film lovers from all over the world – over the span of three and a half days, we watched 9-10 wonderful films, including Moonlight by Barry Jenkins (coming out this October) and La La Land (featuring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling). How did these few days go? Let’s find out!!


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#TRAVELJOURNEY: Tim Burton Exhibition, Shanghai

Last week, before returning to the United States, I went with my mom to Tim Burton’s exhibition The World of Tim Burton in XinTianDi (新天地), Shanghai. My first exposure with Tim Burton was when I watched Sweeney Todd back in middle school – the simultaneous creepiness and adorability in his characters have always captivated me. So, when a friend told me about his exhibition in Shanghai, I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not skip. Like this post if you are a Tim Burton fan!


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