#FOODJOURNEY: Delicious, Delicious Japanese Cuisine

Hi y’all! Who is excited that Christmas is 4 days away??? *starts playing all the Christmas tunes*

Today, I want to share some good food porn with you. Just before going home, I went to a lovely Japanese ramen restaurant in Mountain View, California. I ate so much and regret absolutely 0%!!!


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#FOODJOURNEY: Korean Food Again? Korean Food Again.

…….It’s almost embarrassing how much I’ve posted on Korean food – like I enjoy all different types of food, trust me. But like Korean food is addictive.

That deokbokki. That mandu. You feel me?

Last Friday, I went to Sudam, a Korean restaurant~ So, as I continue plowing through midterms, let’s please enjoy the food porn below.


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#CAFEJOURNEY: Kitty Cafe in Nanjing

Is it socially acceptable to write two posts on cafes in a row? So be it!

This week, I visited a cute little kitty cafe called Garfield Kitty Cafe (小加菲猫咪咖啡)in the 新街口district, Nanjing. I’ve only visited two other kitty cafes – one in Beijing and one in Seoul. Let’s see how this third one compared!


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#CAFEJOURNEY: Drinking Coffee in The Nature

Happy Fourth of July to those celebrating! I’m in China, so evidently we don’t really care for the holiday haha. Well, another reason to celebrate is: I have my first cafe post in China! Last week, I went to Zoo Coffee at Nanjing with a friend. Can you predict what theme this cafe has? 🙂


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#FoodJourney: Korean Restaurants Disappoint

Spent a week on the new campus of Nanjing University in Xianlin (仙林), Nanjing. By the subway station, there are a row of very famous family-style restaurants, including two Korean restaurants that received some online raves. I love Korean food, so I had to try these two places out. Unfortunately, they kind of fell from my expectations. Read more to see food porn and also hear me rant mercilessly!


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TRAVEL JOURNEY:A Rainy Day in San Francisco

IMG_1481Spent some time Saturday afternoon exploring San Francisco with a few friends. It’s been a rigorous quarter, and it felt good to take a breather. Although recently, I’ve been feeling a little low and abnormally groggy, but I bet it’s just the rain getting to me. Meh, emotions are just unpredictable, aren’t they? Well, here are some photos of Miss Saigon restaurant and Japantown to cheer both you and me up! Enjoy.

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Happy President’s Day and Valentine’s Day lovely people! I went with some great company to a Turkish Mediterranean restaurant in Menlo Park, CA, called Sultana. This is their website.


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