#THELIST: 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

As I sit here watching Fifth Harmony sing their hearts out on TV for New Year’s Eve and responding to texts from my friends in China who are already thriving in 2017, it finally hits. 2016 is over. Soooooo~

let’s pay homage to the good ol’ tradition and make our NY Resolution list! Here are three of my NY Resolutions.


cheers to 2016. it’s been real.

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#TRAVELJOURNEY: A Short San Fran Excursion

A short post today about a nice little adventure I went on. I helped organize a certain conference at our university, and for our last day we went to San Francisco – what did we do? Check out these pictures!


a 6AM sunrise

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#TWENTY: 10 Thoughts About Turning 20

Hey lovelies, today is my birthday today! 🙂 I am turning the big 2 – 0, and it’s been quite a bit of an emotional realization for me that two decades of my life has gone by. So, to reflect on my past 20 years, here is a list of 10 important things that I have learned and will never forget. Yes, 10 things – I could not think of 20 life lessons, don’t kill me please.


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#SOPHOMOREYEAR: Living Underwater

Hi friends, I am sitting outside soaking in the good spring Cali weather, and I thought today would be a good time for another personal update. Winter quarter as a sophomore has come to a relatively calm close, with only one language final to go before I’m officially on spring break. Today was the first time in a while that I’ve felt really relaxed from top to bottom. I realize that with increasing academic requirements and new friend groups, I’ve been living underwater for most of this quarter – just holding my breath and swimming, one stroke at a time.


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#TRIPANDFALL: Oh, 2015 and It’s Stumbles

Just a few days ago, I wrote my #Pride post (check it out here) where I went into detail about some accomplishments I’m proud of this year. For Blogmas Day 9, I only thought it fair to tell everyone about a few tough aspects of this year – what I’ve told myself to do is to not legitimize these tough parts with assurances and just tell you how I felt about them when I was going through them, not after. Then, at the end, I’ll do a brief reflection. After all, we do make a mistake and immediately have a calm mentality and not feel emotions…that’s just not realistic at all. Let’s dive in! Boy, get ready for an uncensored emotional roller-coaster.


the center cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…

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#PRIDE: What I Have Accomplished This Year

For Blogmas Day 6, I wanted to reflect on the things I’m proud I accomplished this year. Is this a little egotistical? Perhaps. But I’ve realized that as the year ends, I always have a heap of things that I regret or mistakes I’ve made (which I will post about as well, not to worry), but I tend to forget the good things. To make up for all that self-doubt and self-deprecation, this will be the post where I virtually say to myself – Lilian, you did a damn good job this year, despite the little shortcomings!

If you want to know how to write your own #Pride post, stick with me until the end! Otherwise, if you aren’t a fan of annually enforced self-boasting, feel free to dismiss the offer and scoff at my post (but please don’t, I’m a nice person I pinky swear).


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Beijing: A Reflection On Perspective

I’m still alive! I’m still here, blogosphere! This week my language program at Beijing came to an end, and I had to pack and leave for Nanjing to chill out for two more weeks with family. It has been quite busy, but I apologize for my absence.

As I sit here writing, I’m just shocked by how fast my summer has flown by, but also by how much I’ve grown. I feel like my whole perspective about the world has shifted a bit after two short months, and right now I’m still adjusting to that new perspective.

To be more specific, this summer was full of little rough patches in the relationship sector. I won’t share personal details, but I was briefly involved with someone who turned out to be less than ideal in many ways, but the most major disappointment I had with him was his perspective on happiness. To give you some context, for my whole life I’ve never really been the optimistic type of person – of course, I believe I had a relatively healthy outlook on life, but never consciously used happiness as an energy. I just took happiness as it came, and saw happiness off when it left. Happiness was a passive feeling. It was when I saw the world from someone else’s point of view that I really began to see the importance of a bright vision and optimistic way of living.


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