#FOODJOURNEY: Delicious, Delicious Japanese Cuisine

Hi y’all! Who is excited that Christmas is 4 days away??? *starts playing all the Christmas tunes*

Today, I want to share some good food porn with you. Just before going home, I went to a lovely Japanese ramen restaurant in Mountain View, California. I ate so much and regret absolutely 0%!!!


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Today I went to XinJieKou, Nanjing (新街口), which is a super modern district full of good eats and beautiful malls, bustling from day to night. Since today is MUJI‘s last big sale for the month of August, I took advantage and bought some high quality stationery supplies! I absolutely love MUJI’s sleek, simple packaging as well as the durability of their products. I also went to Ajisen Ramen for lunch. Enough with the description. Here are some photos – enjoy!


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