#THELIST: 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

As I sit here watching Fifth Harmony sing their hearts out on TV for New Year’s Eve and responding to texts from my friends in China who are already thriving in 2017, it finally hits. 2016 is over. Soooooo~

let’s pay homage to the good ol’ tradition and make our NY Resolution list! Here are three of my NY Resolutions.


cheers to 2016. it’s been real.

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#LifeTips: 3 Stages of Handling Frustration in a Healthy Way

We all come across frustrating experiences in our daily lives. Perhaps a relative refuses to┬álisten to your advice, or you end up failing a test you prepared very hard for. Last week, I went to Beijing to do field research and was frustrated by the attitude of the people at the field site towards me – to add to this frustration, I was in a rural area, which made me personally feel squeamish since I love urban atmospheres a lot.

How should we best cope with these frustrating experiences that basically scream at us to give up, no matter how much we love someone or something? Here are three tips:


how do we know where to head when frustration clouds our minds?

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#WORK: 3 Ways I Stay Mentally Organized

With so much going on in our lives, including meetings, deadlines, social events, and time for ourselves and our loved ones, it can easily become an overwhelming load. Do you feel like you are not able to handle things that seemed easily do-able? Do you feel time slip by sometimes without even thinking about it? Go ahead, read on!


an overwhelming stack of tasks got you down?

1 – Never, EVER Underestimate the Daily To-Do List

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