#FOODJOURNEY: New Year’s Brunch!

There are few things more wonderful than getting stuffed with yummy food the first thing on New Year’s morning. My family and I went to the Red Stripe restaurant on New Year’s Day. Here is a shorter post featuring some good old food porn. 🙂



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#FOODJOURNEY: Delicious, Delicious Japanese Cuisine

Hi y’all! Who is excited that Christmas is 4 days away??? *starts playing all the Christmas tunes*

Today, I want to share some good food porn with you. Just before going home, I went to a lovely Japanese ramen restaurant in Mountain View, California. I ate so much and regret absolutely 0%!!!


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#TRAVELJOURNEY: Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium

For labor day weekend, I went into the mountains of Colorado to attend the esteemed Telluride Film Festival (43rd Year). I was part of a student symposium program, where I met undergrad and grad film lovers from all over the world – over the span of three and a half days, we watched 9-10 wonderful films, including Moonlight by Barry Jenkins (coming out this October) and La La Land (featuring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling). How did these few days go? Let’s find out!!


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#CAFEJOURNEY: Kitty Cafe in Nanjing

Is it socially acceptable to write two posts on cafes in a row? So be it!

This week, I visited a cute little kitty cafe called Garfield Kitty Cafe (小加菲猫咪咖啡)in the 新街口district, Nanjing. I’ve only visited two other kitty cafes – one in Beijing and one in Seoul. Let’s see how this third one compared!


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#CAFEJOURNEY: Drinking Coffee in The Nature

Happy Fourth of July to those celebrating! I’m in China, so evidently we don’t really care for the holiday haha. Well, another reason to celebrate is: I have my first cafe post in China! Last week, I went to Zoo Coffee at Nanjing with a friend. Can you predict what theme this cafe has? 🙂


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#FOOD: Northern California Din Tai Feng!

Ah, I’m so happy to post this, because this has been one of my best California food journeys in a while. Din Tai Feng, a really famous Michelin rated Taiwanese restaurant that specializes in XLB aka soup dumplings, opened two weeks ago at the Westfield Valley Fair Mall. I had reservations to go yesterday! 

The atmosphere, food, and service was wonderful (the waitress was extremely nice and warmhearted). The price is definitely a little up there, but if you just watch watch you order and try to share the dishes, you’ll do fine~ Well, let’s not waste anytime and dive right into pictures!


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#TREND: The Face That Sells

Hey everyone!

Wanted to dedicate a short post on this extremely cool interactive research article that is now trending online:

“We took the most frequently featured faces for numerous widely marketed brands and averaged them together…we found somewhat of an interesting general consensus among marketing directors…”


is their a subconscious formula behind choosing models?

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