#THELIST: 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

As I sit here watching Fifth Harmony sing their hearts out on TV for New Year’s Eve and responding to texts from my friends in China who are already thriving in 2017, it finally hits. 2016 is over. Soooooo~

let’s pay homage to the good ol’ tradition and make our NY Resolution list! Here are three of my NY Resolutions.


cheers to 2016. it’s been real.

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#JUNIORYEAR: Floating Fragments, Past and Future

It’s been a while since I’ve done a more personal post on this blog. I’m back in college now – classes haven’t started yet, so I have a lot of time to just look around this campus and process what has taken place this summer. I’m experiencing that weird transitional zone were you don’t really want to let go of precious summer memories yet, and you are simultaneously excited and deathly afraid of a new academic year. Let’s dive in to my many emotions. Yay, emotions…


the start of this summer at Qinghua University, China

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#TWENTY: 10 Thoughts About Turning 20

Hey lovelies, today is my birthday today! ­čÖé I am turning the big 2 – 0, and it’s been quite a bit of an emotional realization for me that two decades of my life has gone by. So, to reflect on my past 20 years, here is a list of 10 important things that I have learned and will never forget. Yes, 10 things – I could not think of 20 life lessons, don’t kill me please.


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´╝âTRAVELPORTRAIT: Nanjing Road Stroll

I spent a week in Shanghai and just came back yesterday (the whole time I was busy researching, so I couldn’t find time to post…). I explored a lot of new cool places in that booming, modern city this year, including going to Disneyland and experiencing a Chinese haunted house. However, my favorite place to be in Shanghai is a pedestrian shopping road that my mom and I visit every year: Nanjing Road and People’s Square.


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#FoodJourney: Korean Restaurants Disappoint

Spent a week on the new campus of Nanjing University in Xianlin (ń╗֊׌´╝ë, Nanjing. By the subway station, there are a row of very famous family-style restaurants, including two Korean restaurants that received some online raves. I love Korean food, so I had to try these two places out. Unfortunately, they kind of fell from my expectations. Read more to see food porn and also hear me rant mercilessly!


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TRAVEL JOURNEY: What a Day at Half Moon Bay

Ah, what is spring break without a beach trip? Went with a few friends to Half Moon Bay State Beach, San Gregorio Beach, and Pompino Beach yesterday. Take a look at all the fun we had!


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TRAVEL JOURNEY:A Rainy Day in San Francisco

IMG_1481Spent some time Saturday afternoon┬áexploring San Francisco with a few friends. It’s been a rigorous quarter, and it felt good to take a breather. Although recently, I’ve been feeling a little low and abnormally groggy, but I bet it’s just the rain getting to me. Meh, emotions are just unpredictable, aren’t they? Well, here are some photos of Miss Saigon restaurant and Japantown to cheer both you and me up! Enjoy.

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