#TOOMUCHMAKEUP: Is There Such a Thing?

A few weeks ago, I read this article called “7 People On Why They Wear ‘Too Much Makeup'” on Bustle and really enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I liked what each person said; maybe because it brought me bad to one of my very first posts on this blog (check it out here). This is, well, essentially an updated (shorter, dear god) version of my early blog post. Check it out!

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 5.18.55 PM.png

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#TEENVOGUE: Politics is Beauty is Politics

Recently, the internet world has been oohing and aahing over Teen Vogue’s content. This magazine, founded in 2003 to spread the word on fashion and beauty trends, is easing into the realm of politics. *huge squeal*

Let’s see what Teen Vogue has been up to, no?

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 2.57.05 PM.png

PC: Teen Vogue

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#ANXIETY: Beauty Routines Can Help With Anxiety

Short post today ~~ I read an article by Meg Zulch on Bustle on How My Beauty Routine Has Helped My Anxiety. Meg is a popular blogger on Bustle’s platform; even though she posted this article a year ago, reading it touched me so much that I want to share it all with you!


PC: Meg Zulch on Bustle

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#SNAPCHAT: How Did People Realize Just Now?

Snapchat has been facing some controversy with its filters – first, accused of blackface with the Bob Marley filter, and now, accused of whitewashing. I am happy that people are realizing that filters are subtly telling us what beautiful means (Western face, big eyes, white skin) – but like, I’m confused as to why are people decided to freak out about one Snapchat photo filter at this specific moment in time? Please read more!


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#TRENDING: JLaw on “Normal Body” and SK-II’s Touching Video

*dons on Hilary Clinton anchorwoman suit*

Today, in current events, we have two trending topics related to female self-image that have been the subject of a lot of discussion online: Jennifer Lawrence calling media to invent a healthier “normal body” to combat our fetish for underweight girls, and SK-II, a luxury skincare brand, bringing to light to the cruelty of East Asia’s “leftover woman” (shengnu) syndrome.


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#TREND: The Face That Sells

Hey everyone!

Wanted to dedicate a short post on this extremely cool interactive research article that is now trending online:

“We took the most frequently featured faces for numerous widely marketed brands and averaged them together…we found somewhat of an interesting general consensus among marketing directors…”


is their a subconscious formula behind choosing models?

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#RANT: Black Lips and Racism

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have it again. Even in the colorful, seemingly utopian world of MAC makeup, racism never fails to rear its ugly head. Let’s dive into the rant.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.01.35 PM

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