#LOFTY: Beauty People Absolute Lofty Girl BB Cushion Review

Hey friends! I’ve been MIA for a long time — apologies again. Let’s get back in the swing of things with a good, old-fashioned makeup review!

Today, I’ll be talking about a BB cushion with amazing packaging but a mediocre formula: Beauty People’s Absolute Lofty Girl BB Cushion.


This cushion (SPF 50+) has hydrating, brightening, and anti-wrinkle properties. The case itself is gorgeous (although a bit bulky at around 3 cm) and feels pretty luxurious for its price.


As for the formula itself? It definitely adheres to the skin well, feels weightless but packs in a lot of pigment — medium coverage, I’d say. However, you do need quite a few pumps to get the product all over your face and at times, I feel like the amount of product in the cushion is very limited even though you need to use far more pumps than a normal cushion. Also, I do find that it clings a bit to dry patches, and the smell is a bit disturbing to me as it reminds me of acidic medication….


All in all, the product does its job but did not make it onto my top BB cushions because its formula is a little weird.

What are your top BB cushions? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time!



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