#TOOMUCHMAKEUP: Is There Such a Thing?

A few weeks ago, I read this article called “7 People On Why They Wear ‘Too Much Makeup'” on Bustle and really enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I liked what each person said; maybe because it brought me bad to one of my very first posts on this blog (check it out here). This is, well, essentially an updated (shorter, dear god) version of my early blog post. Check it out!

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 5.18.55 PM.png

Family members in particular have told me that sometimes I go too bold. Yes, they confessed, a bit of foundation to cover my red spots as well as nicely filled-in brows definitely enhanced my features. But a bold terracotta-colored matte lip? Intense cheekbone highlights? My mom would always scoff, “who are you trying to impress?” and alternatively, “you’ll scare someone”. As time went on, I really thought about those questions when I decided what kind of makeup to wear. Slowly, I learned the art of not giving a shit (lol I don’t know anything about the book with that title I just think it sounds cool in this context please don’t kill me).

As one girl on Bustle said,

“Makeup allows me to create any look I want; whether it’s dramatic or something natural and clean. And I love that I can enhance my features and draw attention to my favorite areas of my face like my eyes. I just love to add a bit of sparkle and look bold.”

If I went about my life dabbing on a bit of foundation and filling in my brows, I’d feel very comfortable (no one would stare at me) but also so boring. Yes, sometimes I objectively screw up. I remember in middle school when I went to a school dance with unevenly blended blue eyeshadow all over my lid. Even the chaperones looked at me and held back laughs – but who gives a shit? At the time I felt like I had the best eyeshadow game in that whole cramped dance auditorium. It felt damn good to experiment.

For me personally, bold, heavy makeup is not just a statement that adds spice to my daily life. It is a defense barrier. I’ve always told friends, “if you see me with heavy makeup, I’m stressed as hell”. When I feel defeated and my self-esteem is low, I tend to overcompensate build up self-confidence through makeup. Even five more minutes in the morning to create a bold eyeliner wing would have magical, therapeutic effects. I would believe that since everyone saw a tough, beautiful, sexy woman walking down the street, why not just internalize it and be tough and beautiful on the inside?

So, if you are asking me why I like wearing “too much makeup” from time to time, I’ll tell you that bold makeup is empowering, healing, and just plain fun. I’m not wearing it to impress anyone (mom) and if anyone thinks its scary, well that’s unfortunate because you haven’t even seen me get started yet 😉

What are your thoughts? Why do you wear bold makeup, or choose not to? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to follow my blog!!


4 thoughts on “#TOOMUCHMAKEUP: Is There Such a Thing?

  1. I agree with this so much! Living Korea where most tend to like “natural” makeup, it’s a bit intimidating to wear a bold lip and go about my day, but getting over that fear of public criticism is empowering to me and I love expressing myself through makeup!!

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