I’m back!!!!! I know you missed me 😛

Over the weekend, I went on a crazy Disneyland adventure in LA with my college dorm. So many people in my dorm were like, “oh my gosh, I’m never been to a Disneyland, I’m so excited!” Meanwhile, this summer I rushed to Disneyland Shanghai, and proceeded to tell myself that I have relived my childhood and am ready to move on. Then, I saw that the ticket for Disneyland LA was heavily subsidized by my dorm, and was like lol I don’t mind reliving it again. Without further ado, Disneyland LA 2017!


real talk, this castle v small

We went on some crazy rides, like the Indiana Jones ride, Hyperspace Mountain, Finding Nemo’s Submarine Adventure, and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I loved the thrill rides and also liked the slow rides because they had some really good visuals. I was amused that I got scared of things that traumatized me in my childhood – like the evil queen from Snow White. Some things never change.



Mark Twain why you here


walking up tarzan’s treehouse


Snacks at Disneyland included pineapple ice cream and Mickey shaped beignets.


My favorite section of Disneyland was definitely ToonTown, where everything appeared animated but was 3D at the same time!! It was a really cool effect and made me feel like I was part of a cartoon. 🙂


Anndddddd that’s my childhood (lol to be real I saw so much Moana stuff and I was like ew ten year old me did not know this therefore I do not approve of this).

Hope this post brightened your day 🙂 See you soon!


4 thoughts on “#TRAVELJOURNEY: Disneyland CA

  1. This post absolutely brightened my day!!! I want to go to Disneyland SOO much! It looked like such a blast and I recently discovered beignets and am obsessed…. that one looked DELISH. Glad you are back, hope you have such a great weekend!!!!

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