#FOODJOURNEY: New Year’s Brunch!

There are few things more wonderful than getting stuffed with yummy food the first thing on New Year’s morning. My family and I went to the Red Stripe restaurant on New Year’s Day. Here is a shorter post featuring some good old food porn. 🙂



We got to the restaurant near noon, and the atmosphere was elegant but also cozy. There were a fair amount of people there chatting away. The waitress was extremely friendly, even though our orders took about an hour to come….because the restaurant was quite busy!

I ended up getting a nice croque madame with flavorful melted cheese, hollandaise sauce, and fries.


Here are some photos of what my parents ordered.



All in all, it was a great brunch to kick off the new year. The food was yummy, the atmosphere was relaxing, the service friendly, and the company irreplaceable.

Here’s to many more wonderful brunches to come! *insert pig emoji here*


That’s all for today! Heading off to college soon – winter break ends too fast~~


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