#FOODJOURNEY: Delicious, Delicious Japanese Cuisine

Hi y’all! Who is excited that Christmas is 4 days away??? *starts playing all the Christmas tunes*

Today, I want to share some good food porn with you. Just before going home, I went to a lovely Japanese ramen restaurant in Mountain View, California. I ate so much and regret absolutely 0%!!!


I went to RAMEN IZAKAYA YU-GEN at Mountain View. The atmosphere inside was absolutely amazing and so unique! Take a look. They even have bottles lining up against the walls. The service was also lovely.


Apart from the elegant, simple, yet eye-catching atmosphere, the food was great. I remember that the fried chicken was juicy and not dry at all, and the curry beef dish reminded me of Coco Curry! Alas, the ramen dish was not as magnificent as I thought, because I personally like my ramen broth with less oil. However, for my foodies who love themselves a good thick, flavorful soup, this ramen is for you.



chicken katsu with tartar sauce


curry beef enveloped in cheese


broth – so thick – suffocates in oil – help –

 It was a great experience, and I look forward to visiting this little restaurant again. Yay, good food makes me smile. (but not in this photo I was going for the classy look)


That’s all! Have a great night!


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