#TRAVELJOURNEY: Therapeutic, Fancy Houses

I didn’t post for two weeks!! Ah, I’m so sorry…been sick and having post-Trump trauma. I’m getting back on my grind though. Here are some nice pictures of a mansion at San Jose I visited to help soothe anyone who may be having a rough week…


I went to this mansion two weeks ago. It was big, pretty, and stereotypically Californian. It had a pool, a spa, and this super cool outdoor lounge area that had fire heaters at night. This place was great to retreat to during a stressful school year – it’s fun to pretend you are rich here (cry).


Check out the lounge area at night. Even though I was working there,it felt so peaceful and relaxing. The fire heaters added a beautiful aura to the place and kept me so very warm.


That’s it for my short post šŸ™‚ Once I am fully recovered (which pray to the lord is soon) I’ll be posting so many posts, too make it up to you guys! Thanks for everyone’s patience.


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