#FOODJOURNEY: Korean Food Again? Korean Food Again.

…….It’s almost embarrassing how much I’ve posted on Korean food – like I enjoy all different types of food, trust me. But like Korean food is addictive.

That deokbokki. That mandu. You feel me?

Last Friday, I went to Sudam, a Korean restaurant~ So, as I continue plowing through midterms, let’s please enjoy the food porn below.


I went with a group of dorm friends, we sat in a private ‘party room’, and actually listened to somebody talk about Korean food. Did you know that Koreans typically eat rice with a spoon, whereas Chinese people eat with chopsticks? I certainly never knew that!

As for the food, we got so much that it was hard to finish. We shared appetizers of Korean rice cake with japchae (glass noodles), mandu, and kimchi pancakes. These were so different in texture and taste – I was very happy with the range of flavors I got to experience that night.

[commence: food porn]


I got a beef steak stone pot bimbimbap that was perfect for a gray, rainy day. A friend of mine got a luscious pork bulgogi! 



mmmm that runny egg though


Ah…food is so therapeutic; even looking at pictures of the good food I ate makes me very comforted. What’s your favorite Korean dish? I’d love to know. 🙂

That’s all for today folks! Don’t forget to give this post a big like.



Village Court Shopping Center,

4546 El Camino Real A5,

Los Altos, CA 94022


20 thoughts on “#FOODJOURNEY: Korean Food Again? Korean Food Again.

      1. True, before I went to Korea, I could have never imagined eating a pile of cold noodles…wouldn’t eat them outside of Korea I guess, especially since it is hard to find a good Korean restaurant in Berlin anyways

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  1. Korean food surely is additive! There are so many pleasant textures and flavors. Bibimbap is delicious but I also enjoy Kimchi Jjigae, Gimbap, & Galbi. The list goes on!

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