#REVIEW: Commodity Cocktail Kit

Hey guys! Ugh, midterm season here, so apologies for the lack of posts. Whenever I’m stressed, I always appreciate a nice scent. It takes me away for a moment from all the thoughts running across my mind.

Looking for a new perfume? Want to intermingle different scents together so you can get a unique, signature scent? I am a huge fan of the Commodity Cocktail Kit that I snagged at Sephora — read more about it!


On the Commodity Goods website, they have an apt description for this kit:

This luxe kit includes all of Commodity’s 10 premium eau de parfum unisex fragrances and makes the perfect gift or travel package. The five black collection fragrances are complex, moody, and intense. The five white collection fragrances are bright, airy, and easy. Each fragrance is designed to be layered together with any other to create bespoke scents tailored to each individual taste.

Why am I so in love with the kit? The perfumes are all unique and wearable either alone or together – and above all, the scent lingers for the entire day. I always have issues with rollerball perfumes when they rub off after an hour or two. My lifestyle makes reapplying perfume on the hour kind of inconvenient! These perfumes are reliable for making me smell wonderful all day long.


Favorite Scents:

My four favorite scents are – Gold, Tea, Book, and Wool. I feel like the website descriptions of the perfume are too sophisticated so I’ll give you simpler more straightforward descriptions below lol.


Gold: smells like warm caramel or toffy, but not sickly sweet (I wear this to feel comforted)

Tea: smells like strong oolong/green tea spiked with a bit vodka, giving it a nice sharpness. (I wear this to feel elegant)img_3438

Book: musky, woody — like an old, yellowed book dipped in alcohol. This goes particularly well with Tea. (I wear this to feel sophisticated and dark)

Wool:  smells literally like when I sniff a newly bought cashmere sweater from like Ralph Lauren for something. Memories of childhood. (I wear this to feel cozy and clean)

I absolutely adore Commodity now, and will definitely try to get my hands on another kit for back-up. I’m also on the look out for new perfumes (as always), so let me know your favorite scent!!


See you guys soon!



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