#REVIEW: Boscia Mattifying MakeUp Setting Spray

Hey guys! Today, I am reviewing Boscia’s White Charcoal Mattifying MakeUp Spray. It claims to mattify your skin with a few spritzes when you apply it over your makeup. Let’s see what I think of it!


This mist really claims to do a lot – minimize pores, hydrate the skin, and wipe away excess oil. The consistency of the liquid is light and milky, smelling strongly of herbs…I am not a huge fan of the smell.


As for the spray applicator, it does not do a great job dispersing the liquid evenly onto my face. The mist gathers around the middle of my face, making it hard to distribute when I already have my makeup on.

Does it actually mattify? Again, I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t notice any form of pore minimization. It doesn’t minimize sheen for about the first hour after application. However, as the day progresses, this mist seems to form an oily coat on top of my makeup. It makes my skin feel heavy and clogged. I looked at the ingredients list, and even though it has great ingredients like Japanese white charcoal (the mattifying ingredient) and Artichoke Leaf Extract (to fight against hyperpigmentation), it also has three different kinds of oils!! No wonder my skin felt heavy after a few hours.


after 4 direct sprays on bare skin


after patting product into bare skin

All in all, I may be returning this product – time to switch back to setting powder! Thanks for reading – see you soon! Don’t forget to follow.



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