#TRAVELJOURNEY: A Short San Fran Excursion

A short post today about a nice little adventure I went on. I helped organize a certain conference at our university, and for our last day we went to San Francisco – what did we do? Check out these pictures!


a 6AM sunrise

I scrambled up at 4:45AM today [yes, a week day, and yes, I had classes] to head to the Golden Gate Bridge and watch the sun rise with some conference members. The whole drive to San Francisco was hazy and leisurely – I chatted with a friend while secretly closing my eyes in short increments because tire. Everything was dark around us and my sense of time got a little screwed up – it felt like we were driving somewhere at midnight.

Watching the sunrise was interesting on a gray day. The Golden Gate Bridge was like a a dark red imprint on the light sky – the whole landscape gave off a really elegant, melancholy feel.


Golden Gate Bridge at 8AM


After spending time at the Golden Gate Bridge, we drove to Chinatown to this hidden hole-in-the-wall dim sum/bakery place. Our conference members got dim sum for brunch! The ladies were super nice to my friend and I, making me feel like a little girl in China talking to some loving aunties.


It is always nice to take in Chinatown’s chaotic yet homey cityscape, even for a brief moment in time. I am always going to be fascinated by how Chinatown makes me feel – like I have a real representation of a Chinese city at my finger tips….but it is just not, quite, accurate. Thus, it develops its own unique aura for me.


It was a nice escape from my college life – I feel like I can go to SF again and again and still never be able to take everything about it in.

That’s it for today – hope you enjoyed this post.


6 thoughts on “#TRAVELJOURNEY: A Short San Fran Excursion

  1. Lovely post, I enjoy it! When I used to live in Perth, Western Australia, we called it Dim Sum, after I moved to Sydney, we call the same Cantonese small dishes Yum Cha, and I love it so much.., the more people sharing the better!!

    Vivienne X

    Liked by 1 person

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