#SKINCARE: Pink Vital Water?

Hey guys! Ah, I’m getting adjusted to classes and such, so I’m back on the blogging grind!

Today, I want to talk about a new moisturizer I’ve been using: Etude House’s Pink Vital Water Cream. I absolutely love the bright elegance of the packaging, but how is the actual product? Let’s find out.


You may be curious and ask, why is the product marketed as Pink Vital Water when it is, like, a cream? There are two components to the name: Pink and Water. It’s called pink because this product apparently contains 75% peach water which can moisturize the skin. It’s ‘water’ because the consistency of the cream is quite watery and light.

I really enjoy this moisturizer for daily use. The fragrance is light and floral with peachy tones (surprise), but not overwhelming at all. I can use the provided spatula to hygienically take out product and smooth over my face, and the best thing is, the product is both super light on the skin while providing enough hydration.


I use this cream both day and night. It does make my skin feel comfortable and supple for hours after application, but is never heavy under my makeup. The product is a great base for foundation or BB cream, giving my skin a natural glow while locking my base makeup in place.



All in all, I recommend this cream highly. It may not provide deep moisture for very dry skin, but for people with combination skin and for those who cannot stand the heaviness of skincare products, this cream is for you! I kind of want to try out other things from the Pink Vital Water line – future products are now on my wish-list!

Alright, that wraps it up! Thanks for reading this short post.


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