#NAILS: Fall Calls For Burgundy

As I head back to my third year of college, I want to put my best fingers forward – today, I went to a neighborhood nail spa to get a manicure! Shout out to CitiNails; this manicure was 8 dollars, bless your soul CitiNails. Enjoy the look? Keep reading!


I wanted a deep red/burgundy nail color to inject some confident boldness into the new school year. On top of that, I went all out and asked to gold detailing on my ring fingers. The process of trying to explain that I wanted a line across my ring finger was extremely hilarious. The women who was doing my nails just did not understand what I wanted. She’d like listen to me babble, then softly ask, “So, you want like a vertical gold line?” “So, you want like two lines?” “So you want a line with dots instead of a smooth line?” No, no, kind friend, just a goddamn line. “A gold, just a gold line” I repeated. And she actually looked at me (judged me hardcore) and said, “Ma’am so you know we won’t have real gold in the polish. No 24K gold here.”

I need to improve my explaining skills y’all.


I believe I chose OPI’s Malaga Wine (I forgot!) – in the sun, this color has hints of a teracotta clay-red color, but in most lights, it reminds me of Burberry’s Oxblood (shown below).

Here are some more hand model shots lol.


I haven’t been this happy with a manicure is a while but I do love me a good fall color. What is your fall nail color? Let me know in the comments below!


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