#TRAVELJOURNEY: Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium

For labor day weekend, I went into the mountains of Colorado to attend the esteemed Telluride Film Festival (43rd Year). I was part of a student symposium program, where I met undergrad and grad film lovers from all over the world – over the span of three and a half days, we watched 9-10 wonderful films, including Moonlight by Barry Jenkins (coming out this October) and La La Land (featuring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling). How did these few days go? Let’s find out!!


First of all, we met so many amazing people – renowned documentary directors Ken Burns and Errol Morris came to speak with us at the symposium; Bryan Cranston and Jennifer Garner shared with us how they merged with their roles in upcoming movie Wakefield. At Telluride, there are these spontaneous noon discussion panels facilitated by renowned Columbia University film professor Annette Insdorf. Panel guests included Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Miles Teller, and Emma Stone. 


Panel: Emma Stone on far right!

Although a lot of us suffered either from altitude sickness (my roommate on the first day casually told us, “altitude sickness can kill!”) or dryness of the eyes and skin. However, Telluride’s landscape was so gorgeous that these physical inconveniences were definitely worth it.


this is the view when I step right outside my inn


Not only the landscape, but also the food was amazing. Now, I have to say, the restaurants were mostly extremely pricey – my heart cried a little when I paid ten dollars for two little meat skewers on a fancy pan. However, as part of the student symposium, we received a generous food stipend. In other words, we was rich, son! We could spend all the money on food that we wanted. 🙂 Here is an example of a quaint restaurant we went to.

This is a cute brunch place called Butcher and Baker – on the morning we went, the place was packed!



delicious Turkey sandwich with brie and caramelized apple

We also had a Labor Day picnic which actors and directors went to at this huge park. We saw Jennifer Garner holding her baby in line for ice cream. The food was pretty good, and the atmosphere was really lively and friendly. ‘Twas scorching though, I definitely got burnt that day.


It was awesome – an experience I won’t forget about in my entire life. If you like films, please check out this symposium. Cheers!




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