Hey lovelies! How about a cool dose of green and pink right in the middle of August? Let’s create some innocent edginess to combat the summer heat. This look is modified from a Chinese fashion magazine and is suitable for daily wear. All you essentially need is a light green eyeshadow, cool-toned pink lipstick, and pastel pink blush.

Well, let’s hurry up and get into the tutorial!


Main Products Used:

Nature Republic Single Shadow

Clinique Shadow Quad

KIKO Eyebrow Sculpt

Etude House Berry Delicious Lip Tint in Berry Kiwi Tok Tok



ooooo ahhhhhh


After applying a brightening BB cream or foundation and defining your brows, contour lightly with a cool-toned shade, then pick up a pastel, cool-toned pink blush. Sweep the blush over your cheekbones at a slight angle.


after BB cushion + eyebrows!



actual color slightly darker than shown


Now, this is the most crucial part of the look, and also the easiest to…well, mess up. Over applying pastel colors, especially on Asian skin, can give a bit of garish clown-like effect. If your green eyeshadow is pigmented, go easy on the product. After applying a cream colored base to brighten up the eye area, try to draw a wing with your eyeshadow, then apply the shadow all over your lower eyelid. After doing so, give depth to your eyes by adding a black eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyes, and applying eyeliner. Be careful – for this youthful look, it is best to keep the black to a minimum or it can make you look older than you want.

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Main eyeshadow looks are from Clinique’s Quad.



I always go for tints in the summer. I have fallen in love with Etude House’s Berry Delicious Color in Liquid Lip Tint in the color Kiwi. Ah! It’s purple-green! Don’t worry, I’m not that bold. The purple-green color will turn into a blue-based light pink tint upon contact on the skin.


Voila! Your cool, edgy, cute summer look is complete.


Time to beat the heat – and if you want to go the extra mile/copy off the magazine’s inspired look, add a sexy pink heart right below your eye.


judging this lighting because my green eyeshadow is washed out

14037884_1234984293199606_1806167329_o (1)




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