#TRAVELPORTRAIT: Nanjing Road Stroll

I spent a week in Shanghai and just came back yesterday (the whole time I was busy researching, so I couldn’t find time to post…). I explored a lot of new cool places in that booming, modern city this year, including going to Disneyland and experiencing a Chinese haunted house. However, my favorite place to be in Shanghai is a pedestrian shopping road that my mom and I visit every year: Nanjing Road and People’s Square.


This road, bustling with people since 1845, is one of the world’s busiest shopping streets. Not only is it fun to buy things there – the road is full of Shanghai history. Revolutionaries who wanted to abolish the Chinese dynastical system in 1911 marched through these streets. Remnants of the European attempts at colonizing China remain in the architecture along the road.


Since I was in middle school, I remember strolling along the road with my mother, right before we were to depart to America. Bittersweet emotions follow me every time I walk there – a feeling of temporality, that the next time I see the hustle and bustle of this city, both the city and I will have changed dramatically.




With the feeling of temporality comes a reassuring feeling of endurance (such is life). So many shops have popped up every year (including an Etude House store – take my money ok bye), but the core of the place as well as its associated memories remain. I specifically remember strolling along People’s Square three years ago, right before college application period – I felt overwhelmed by People’s Square, precisely because I was so overwhelmed by my own future. One application would determine my life for the next four years. However, the next summer, I once again looked upon the Square, but this time with a sense of pride and self-assurance. So, every time I meet these streets, I survey the memories of my past selves, and then, I stamp onto them a new memory of who I currently am.


Summer 2014, posing in Nanjing Road after some light rain, feeling an irresistible sense of self-confidence


2016, a changed person already compared to 2 years ago!

A place can really be so special…so I wanted to dedicate a travel post to 南京步行街~I hope that every time I snap a pic of myself walking along these busy streets, I’ll be an improved, more beautiful me, compared to one year ago.

That’s all for today! Please follow me if you liked the post; I will surely be posting more about makeup~  I’ll send you off with a gorgeous evening snapshot.



3 thoughts on “#TRAVELPORTRAIT: Nanjing Road Stroll

  1. Shanghai is so beautiful! I’m moving the Hangzhou soon for work (I live in the US) and I’m so excited and seeing posts like these make me so excited ❤

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