#CAFEJOURNEY: Kitty Cafe in Nanjing

Is it socially acceptable to write two posts on cafes in a row? So be it!

This week, I visited a cute little kitty cafe called Garfield Kitty Cafe (小加菲猫咪咖啡)in the 新街口district, Nanjing. I’ve only visited two other kitty cafes – one in Beijing and one in Seoul. Let’s see how this third one compared!


The smell we just walked in was…strong. We had to put on shoe covers and walked in a set of cute low doors (I assume designed to keep the cats in the cafe). When we ordered our drinks, there was a kitty on the cash box – it was adorable and at first my friend and I thought it was just a plush toy! I got a mocha as well as tiramisu cake for the equivalent of 7 US dollars. The mocha was pretty good, but the cake was half frozen and flavorless and disappointing. A kitty ended up licking it – the kitty also did not approve and just went along its way.



I gotz all the moneyz


The atmosphere is small, but because there weren’t many people, it felt spacious. They really blasted the air conditioning, and the quick air circulation really helped with the smell of cat litter.

In the middle, there is a play structure for the cats!


At first, the kitties – a total of about 9 – were mostly sleeping, but an hour after we got there, many cats got lively. These cats are mostly friendly. There were also about 4 little tiny baby kittens, which are my favorite!


That’s all for you guys! As of now, in terms of smell, the Seoul Cafe has beat all the Chinese kitty cafes. Step up the game, China~






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