#CAFEJOURNEY: Drinking Coffee in The Nature

Happy Fourth of July to those celebrating! I’m in China, so evidently we don’t really care for the holiday haha. Well, another reason to celebrate is: I have my first cafe post in China! Last week, I went to Zoo Coffee at Nanjing with a friend. Can you predict what theme this cafe has? 🙂


FYI, I absolutely love coffee shops – the beverages I get at a coffee shop is only a small part of why I love them. It is the atmosphere each unique coffee shop delivers to its guests: cute and playful, family friendly, or formal and aloof, elegant, wistful. It is like walking into a poem sometimes. You can imagine how happy I felt at Zoo Coffee!

Of course, you may have guessed, the cafe is zoo themed, with cute stuffed animals and a naturally lively but also clean, calm vibe. 



There were cute stuffed animals and a nice nature feeling to it. Artificial vines hung down from the ceiling, and there was a life-sized white cheetah jaguar predator thingy! My friend even jumped at a stuffed snake that was lurking in the vines.



The drink itself…I got a blueberry yogurt smoothie for more expensive than I would’ve liked, and the drink was so sugary my tastebuds went numb. I could tell the blueberry flavor was made from a kind of powdery substance…so that wasn’t the best. Customer service was on the cold side as well.


That wraps up this first major coffee shop adventure! Hope more will happen in Nanjing, Shanghai, and Beijing! 🙂 I’ll keep everyone updated.

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