#FoodJourney: Korean Restaurants Disappoint

Spent a week on the new campus of Nanjing University in Xianlin (仙林), Nanjing. By the subway station, there are a row of very famous family-style restaurants, including two Korean restaurants that received some online raves. I love Korean food, so I had to try these two places out. Unfortunately, they kind of fell from my expectations. Read more to see food porn and also hear me rant mercilessly!


  1. Ke Jia Fu Bimbimbap Restaurant (可家福石锅坊)

A small restaurant with friendly service,Ke Jia Fu is famous online for it’s hotpots and bimbimbap. I heard a lot of Korean exchange students go to this restaurant when they are homesick and need authentic Korean food. You can see how excited I was to go to this place.


I ordered a pork bimbimbap and a military style hotpot (featuring ramen and spam) for my mom and me. The food looked so delicious, but alas. It was extremely spicy, as in, it numbed my entire tongue spicy. I quickly ordered a plate of mozzarella cheese to place on top of the hotpot, and that only made the dish barely bearable. I could not taste the food. There was no water, and when I ordered a Fanta, they gave me this little ass baby bottle. Of Fanta. I could’ve died in there.


2. Gu Gu Chicken (咕咕鸡)

I ordered Gu Gu Chicken take-out and just got a plain n’ simple jjajjeongmyeon – a sweet-savory black bean noodle dish. I’d been craving this for an entire year but was not able to find a restaurant that offered it in Northern California.


And yet, my noodles were overly thin and the sauce was such a weird mix of complicated flavors that at the end of the day, all I could taste was this inexplicable saltiness at the back of my mouth. I could not taste any of the sweetness jjajjeongmyeon is supposed to have. And I only got half a hard boiled egg? Nah uh, homegirl not gonna put up with that!!


Sigh – it was a disappointing experience at these two restaurants. I think I’m going to return to my Chinese food now – after all, I’m in China, aren’t I? OK, see you lovelies soon!


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