#SCENT: My Summer Fragrances

Ever since graduating high school, I’ve started to appreciate fragrances, be it perfume, fragrance oils, or body mists. Jean Paul Guerlain once said, “perfume is the most intense form of memory.” My first fragrance was a Bath and Body Works White Citrus Body Spray. Even now, whenever I go into the store and take a whiff of that body spray, I’m transported to 8th grade summers when I had my hair cut too short for its own good, running along the beach with a bunch of friends.

I chose two fragrances to capture this summer’s memories. What are yours?


My first fragrance is The Face Shop’s Royal Garden Secret Bloom All-Over Perfume Mist in Baby Musk. I absolutely love a musky scent that comes off at unique, playful, and sexy. Too strong of a musk, and it can be overpowering. However, this mist is not too strong, yet lasts all day.



It is meant for body, but also can be used as fabric freshener. The fragrance is a multi-functional deodorant X perfume mist! I’m absolutely in love.

I also adore the Gourmand EDP fragrances currently sold at Urban Outfitters. I purchased the Rose Macaron perfume, which gives a subtle elegant rose scent with a bit of sugar cane and Turkish delight. I also really liked their Matcha scent – such a unique perfume collection!


The packaging is very classy, especially compared to The Face Shop. As for the perfume, it lasts just about as long as the Face Shop’s mist. Both products can be seen as a high quality, long lasting body mist rather than a perfume.


That’s that! Hope everyone is having a beautiful start to the summer. Follow me for more posts like these~~


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