#STATEMENT: Summer Nails with Incoco Nail Strips

Hey guys! Ah, summer is finally here. Time to change our outlooks on life, have fun with the people we love, and have a style/fashion makeover! The other day, I saw the Incoco Nail Strips at Walmart and decided to give them a go. I usually only to solid nail polish colors, so I was a little apprehensive. How did they turn out? Enjoy this short, quick little post.


The strips are long-lasting and it looks like I got the design done at the salon. The only downside to the strips is that it becomes easy for bubbles to form in these nails, as well as stretch marks. But, just be a little careful, and you will be fine. I set them with a nice top coat, and they’ve been chip-resistant for three days.


IMG_2821The nail art really makes me excited for summer – soaking in the heat, drinking cold beverages, and being with family. I will be going to China tomorrow, which is why I want to keep this post short and sweet. Get ready for travel pictures!!



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