#SUN: A Memorial Day At Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Ah, what a great way to spend a holiday! I went to the Santa Cruz boardwalk with an awesome crew of friends. We were there from 10AM all the way until 4PM, and did a whole bunch of fun things. Enjoy the pictures, and let me know if you’ve ever went to the Boardwalk. 🙂


The day started off with a nice trip to a Chinese bakery in Cupertino for breakfast. With just two weeks to go before I head to China, I was really excited to see an authentic Chinese bakery – the atmosphere took me back to the cute bakeries I visited in Shanghai and Nanjing.

We then headed to Santa Cruz! The weather was a bit chilly and cloudy at first, but as soon as 1PM came around, the sun started to shine really bright. With the hot sand under our feet and little children in bathing suits swarming around us, it started to feel like summer.


I rode on the biggest roller coaster at the Boardwalk called the Great Dipper. I also chilled at this ski-lift type ride that provided me with a stunning view of the beach. The amusement park was definitely fun and gave me vibes of childhood~ I even got to eat (overpriced) corndogs and giant donuts, haha.


Before heading to a group dinner at Cupertino, we stopped by Donnelly’s Chocolates, a cute little chocolate store that a friend said was supposedly famous. We each got a big sample of chocolate when we entered, and it tasted really divine!


The whole day was beautiful and calming. I got to spend the majority of the day with great company, laughing as we posed for pictures, chillin’, sharing inside jokes. I also got to spend a solid hour holding a (bland and overpriced) iced tea drink in my hand and exploring the Boardwalk by myself. Although I’m nearing the end of my second year in college, and I’m beginning to experience a lot of emotions (nostalgia, fear, excitement, gratefulness, anxiety, stress due to exams, stress due to impending international travel, etc), sometimes it’s great to have a day and just #chill. 


Catch you guys next time!!


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