#FOOD: Northern California Din Tai Feng!

Ah, I’m so happy to post this, because this has been one of my best California food journeys in a while. Din Tai Feng, a really famous Michelin rated Taiwanese restaurant that specializes in XLB aka soup dumplings, opened two weeks ago at the Westfield Valley Fair Mall. I had reservations to go yesterday! 

The atmosphere, food, and service was wonderful (the waitress was extremely nice and warmhearted). The price is definitely a little up there, but if you just watch watch you order and try to share the dishes, you’ll do fine~ Well, let’s not waste anytime and dive right into pictures!


Here are some pictures of the restaurant itself. Even though it was crowded, the aura still felt elegant, refined, and top-tier. At the entrance, you can even see the cooks hand-making the XLB!


We ordered Pork XLB, delicious spicy wontons, braised beef noodle soup, pork buns, and to finish things off, a sesame bun for dessert. Every dish was mouthwatering, also I personally liked the wontons and XLB the most! Din Tai Feng had their famous truffle XLB as well, but it was 25$ for 5 pieces…I’m too cheap for that lol.




refreshing oolong tea

These foods were amazing!!!

You should definitely come and check this restaurant out (be sure to make a reservation!) if you are craving dim sum or just authentic Chinese food. Their non-XLB dishes are quite amazing as well. Although I here from the internet that the Chinese Din Tai Feng beats this branch of the restaurant by a lot, I’m still really satisfied. It’s nice to get a nice taste of China before heading off to China in the summer!


And that’s a wrap! Stay tuned for a haul post coming soon.


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