#DECLUTTER: Three Reasons To Do a Makeup Drawer Cleanse

Hey lovelies! Hope everyone’s week has been going well. I was inspired once again by Estee Lalonde’s video on Makeup De-cluttering, and wanted to just quickly motivate everyone with an overflowing makeup drawer to engage in a nice spring clean. Let’s jump in!


1 That Expiration Date Though

Collecting makeup is different from hoarding clothes, or collecting coins. Why? Makeup goes bad! Don’t keep liquid makeup products for too long because you never want to be smearing rotting chemical filth onto your cheeks or lashes. I’ve done some research, and my rough estimate for how long makeup usually lasts is:

  • Liquid lipstick, lip tint lipgloss = 6-8 months
  • Solid lipstick = 12 – 14 months
  • Liquid foundation, BB cream, base makeup = 12 months
  • Mascara = 3-6 months
  • Liquid eyeliner = 6 months
  • Cream shadow and blush = 6-8 months
  • Powder makeup = realistically it lasts for 2-4 years so like forever 🙂

2 Eliminating Your Choices and Saving Your Wallet


Sometimes, having too many choices first thing in the morning when you are getting ready can be a small way to add stress to your day. It’s definitely a first world problem that both Estee Lalonde and I want people to stop stressing over (there are more important things in life!). You get ready to do your eye makeup, but you have 5 huge palettes to choose from. You have different shades of BB cream with different finishes, so you spend some time figuring out what specific brand of BB cream you want today. But who’s got time for that? When makeup lovers buy things, they tend to forget how many similar products they already have. Forcing yourself to narrow down your choices allows you to rate which products you like and would definitely buy again, and also remind yourself the next time you go makeup shopping that you really, really shouldn’t buy impulsively – like, that’s why there are three unused lipstick tubes now sitting sadly in the trash because you forgot they even existed.

3 Changing your daily makeup style

This third reason is my favorite, but it can also prove pretty hard. For example, I had a phase in high school where I bought a lot of nude, beige, low-shimmer eyeshadows. I had grey beiges, champagnes, mini highlighter powders, pink-based nude shadows – you name it!IMG_2530

Then, in the middle of junior year, when I was particularly stressed out by schoolwork, I decided to toss out these boring nude shades. Just in time for spring, I switched up my style. Instead of applying nude eyeshadow on my lids everyday, I stopped focusing so much on my eyes, and began to explore bright lipstick shades of fuchsia and coral. In other words, I forced myself to change my look, and that actually provided joy in my life: when I applied makeup every morning, it was a discovery, not a routine.

That’s all I got for you today! Be sure to check out the video that inspired me~


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