#COLLECTION: All the Sheet Masks

Who doesn’t want a cool, tingling, moisturizing sensation on their whole face after a long afternoon? I love treating myself to a sheet mask or two every week, breathing in the light floral scents, closing my eyes, and forcing myself to compose my facial expression into perfect calm. Here is my teeny face mask collection.


I won’t write too much today because some of these masks I haven’t tried out yet so I don’t have much to say…but let me just give a shout out to the Daiso 2$ Mask Sets – I bought the Collagen pack and Q10 pack (each pack comes with three masks). Collagen supposedly helps with elasticity, but I believe the Q10 is a miracle worker. Whenever a mask had Q10 in it, my skin was immediately more bouncy and bright after wearing the mask – it is also supposed to help with elasticity, but for some reason works better than the Collagen one!

But anyways, my point is, with drugstore price face masks, they are essentially the same quality. Don’t discriminate against the 2$ mask pack for the 6$ mask pack – from my experience, both the sheet itself and the toner fluid are really of the same quality. 



Other masks are from Tony Moly, The Face Shop, and Etude House. As a general note, Korean sheet masks usually tend to opt for a gel sheet with less fluid in the pack. By contrast, Japanese sheet masks are made with cotton, and have a more substantial amount of fluid in the pack. For an everyday pick-me-up, I’d opt for the Korean masks. The Etude House masks fit the best with an oval face like mine, and never slips and slides.


I like the Olive mask, Rose Brightening Mask, and Unpolished Rice Mask (firming) from Etude’s line. Do you have a favorite?




even bunnies want perfect skin 🙂


These designs are so so cute!

Sheet masks are all the rage nowadays, and I can’t wait to discover more. What a cheap way to pamper yourself. That’s all for now! Be sure to like this post if you liked what you saw~~~


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