IMG_2431Hey guys, and Happy Monday~ Last week, I brought you guys an orange and pink spring makeup look featuring some 3CE items, including my current go-to palette: the 3CE #SIENNA palette that you can easily pick up at Miibox. Let’s do a more detailed review of the product!

你好,亲们~上个星期我做了一个春天橙色X粉色妆容,其中使用了可以在Miibox 购买的3CE #SIENNA 眼影盘。那么今天,我想跟大家谈谈这个产品 - 我们做个产品测评吧!

The four colors in #SIENNA are really versatile for your daily look or your bold clubbin’ smoky look, for cool toned or warm toned makeup. All colors have finely-grounded shimmer particles that uniquely enhances it on the eyes. We’ve got a sparkly pink-champagne base color, a classic bronze color, a deep brown color with a hint of a red undertone, and my favorite of them all: a red-brown shimmering color.

#SIENNA 眼影盘里面的颜色四季都适合用,因为除了铜色眼影,颜色都算比较中性(不冷不暖),包括可以用来打造清晰日常妆的,或打底的桃米色,有珠光铜色,有红色调棕色,还有我个人最喜欢的颜色:红棕色!


This red-brown is suitable for darkening a fall-time smoky eye, but also great for balancing out a brighter, warm-toned pink spring eye look! However, I would like to make note that this particular color is tad more darker than 3CE’s official swatches.

秋季时可以用这个深红色的眼影来打造冷酷性感的smoky eye,春夏季也可以用来陪靓丽的暖桃色眼影哦 - 但是大家请注意,红棕色比网上3CE的照片要深一点。眼影盘当中的四个颜色都含有柔和珠光,时眼影的效果更加优雅。

#SIENNA当中的红棕色与桃米色容易在全眼部匀染开,色素不太重所以不会看起来太俗气,呵呵。铜色和棕色就不是一回事了 - 匀染的时候要稍微小心一点。我自己喜欢将颜色微妙地画在眼角和下眼线,给眼睛一种小小特别的感觉~


As for pigmentation, the red-brown and the pink-champagne shades can be applied to the whole eyelid, as they have medium pigmentation. The bronze and brown shade have higher pigmentation and therefore are better suited for point makeup in the crease (the bronze shade packs more shimmer). All four shades are stunning when paired together or used alone!


the red-brown color on the eyes


That wraps things up! Be sure to check this awesome palette out. Be sure to click the follow button and like my Facebook page!



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