#ONLINEHAUL: Colourpop X Memebox

Kissing spring break goodbye with another haul post before classes start again. I got a Dot Art Collection CC Cushion (Purple) from Botanic Farm and some cool stuff from Colourpop. Enjoy the pictures, and don’t forget to click like!





The packaging is absolutely stunning and elegant

This cushion gives a dewy finish, and the interesting dot design actually serves to mix skin-tone CC cream with a purple base to brighten up the skin. Coverage is light, but does make skin look healthy and young! I’d use this as a base though – by itself the purple may look a tad bit unnatural.



Left: Applied two layers; Right: Bare skin


For 5-6 bucks each, Colourpop impressed me so so much.

From Colourpop, I tried out their Ultra Satin Lip, which I’m in love with. The color transfers a bit, but does not dry out my skin and is extremely longwearing. The color itself, London Fog, is a perfect playful color for spring and summer!


I also picked up their Eyeliner Stick in Prance, a sky blue color I picture would go well under my eyes. Since high school, I’ve always wanted to get this light blue liquid eyeliner from Stila, but never had the courage to spend 20$ on it! This is the perfect dupe. Can’t wait to try it on my eyes.

A note: the color is slightly darker than shown online and at the end of the pencil. The swatch below does not depict this as I photographed under white lighting, but believe me, it’s a little more of a true blue than a sky blue.


Prance and London Fog

Lastly, I picked up two Super Shock Shadows which serve as awesome eyeshadow bases: Gecko is a silver-pink duochrome shadow, and Cornelius is a matte caramel color great for more deeper eye looks and a warm-toned smoky eye.



lol cornelius is faded out but you can still see the color!

That’s a wrap guys! Ah, I’m super excited to take new classes this spring, to be honest, but I’m more excited to write new blog posts. Thanks so much for supporting and reading my blog; it means everything. 🙂 Have a fabulous week.


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