#TUTORIAL: Pink and Orange Spring Makeup [橙色X粉色春季妆容]

Hey guys, spring is here, and today I’ll be showing y’all a daily makeup look mainly featuring 3CE products received from Miibox and a few Colourpop items I hauled. I hope you enjoy – the theme of this look is brighter orange and pink colors!

大家好~今天想与大家带来一个橙色X粉色春季妆容!我会用一些Miibox送过来的3CE产品,以及一些Colourpop产品哦!准备好了吗?Let’s Go!


  1. Base + Foundation + Eyebrows [底妆+ 粉底 + 眉毛]

I used a purple makeup base and my trusty Missha BB Cushion, then used 3CE shimmer stick in #PINK on my cheekbone area. For eyebrows, I used the Sephora Brow Thickener in Blonde – a lighter shade gives a younger, more innocent feeling to your look.

我在脸颊上涂了紫色底妆,这样可以打造好气质,使脸色UP!然后,我会用我最爱的MISSHA BB气垫粉底和超自然的3CE高光棒(粉色)来打量鼻梁和颧骨。画眉毛会用SEPHORA的产品 - 我建议大家用稍微淡一点颜色的眉毛笔,应为可以让脸感觉更年轻活跃。



after base + eyebrows are done

2. Pop of color on the cheeks [可爱橙色腮红]

I’m now going to use a matte coral blush stick from 3CE (#Candy Shop) to add a pop of color to my cheeks. The camera did not pick up on this color unfortunately, but I’m impressed by this. The color is matte, pigmented, but also blendable! I blended this on the center of my cheeks.

现在我们来点腮红吧!将3CE的腮红棒(#CANDYSHOP)直接画在双颊的部位。腮红棒有一种MATTE的效果,颜色一点就可以看到,但也非常容易匀染开 - 超好用哦!照相机没有现实腮红的颜色,呜呜,但别误会:不要一下子画得太重,轻轻拍打到双侠就可以啦。



3. Eye base [眼部底妆]

For eye base, I used Colourpop’s Hanky Panky shadow (a neutral taupe) to add dimension to my eyelids, then worked Gecko into the inner crease – Gecko is such a cool shadow; it seems gray in the pot, but transforms into a sheer, shimmery pink!

我专门给我的眼部打底了,用的是Colourpop的两款眼影膏 -用灰褐色在整个眼部,然后在眼内部用带淡粉色珠光的眼影膏!


IMG_23914. Eyeshadow [眼影]

Now the fun part. I used two colors from 3CE’s #SIENNA Palette, which has medium pigmentation and is very easy to blend. I put the lightest shade on the inner corner and crease after blending out the dark red-orange shadow on the outer crease. Really pretty – love this palette!



dark red-orange shade


lightest champagne-pink shade

I then used PONY Palette’s true pink glitter shade along the outer corner of my eyes to add some dimension to the dark red-orange shade from 3CE.



I tight lined with 3CE’s #Cats Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner and drew a crisp wing with The Face Shop’s Ink Graffiti Liquid Eyeliner.

下一步就是用3CE的防水眼线笔画内眼线 - 这款眼线笔真的非常好用,我的眼皮是油性的我都可以放心向大家说:完全不必担心眼线晕染!画完内眼线我有用眼线液画了个小小的猫眼。又自然又调皮-赞!


5. Lips [唇彩]

I used a reddish pink lip marker from 3CE (#Crimson Pink) to add a wash of tint over my entire lips, then did a gradient look with Colourpop’s Ultra Satin Lip in London Fog.

可爱的春妆必须包括桃粉色双唇!使用了3CE的唇笔画出了淡淡的粉红双唇 -3CE的唇笔有点难图均匀,但是颜色鲜艳,可以一天不褪色,比较适合天天忙着上班或上学的女性朋友们!为了在唇中间再加一点颜色,打造咬唇式唇彩,我用了Colourpop的唇彩。



a light wash of color – quite subtle


Voila! Here are some shots of the completed look. Hope you found this tutorial helpful – and hope you take some time to check out Miibox!





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