TRAVEL JOURNEY: What a Day at Half Moon Bay

Ah, what is spring break without a beach trip? Went with a few friends to Half Moon Bay State Beach, San Gregorio Beach, and Pompino Beach yesterday. Take a look at all the fun we had!


We started off the day with a late brunch at Sam’s Coffee Shop. This place is more of a cozy diner than a cafe, and we just happened to stumble on it when we arrived at half moon bay. The food was wonderful and I was very happy, hehe.


I got the French toast combo with 2 sausages. It was heavenly!


We then headed to the beaches! Here are so lovely photos of the scenery.


We made a pit stop at a quaint coffee shop in the middle of our beach adventures, called Cafe Society. I got myself an iced mocha latte!

IMG_2122IMG_2123IMG_2126IMG_2129_meitu_5All in all, yesterday was a blast! We did a lot of walking and even got stranded on the highway at some point, but it was extremely fun. What are your favorite beaches?





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