#SPRINGHAUL: Sephora, Urban Outfitters, and MUJI

It’s spring! We all need to get some new makeup/skincare products so we can let go of our dreary winter selves and once again put our best faces forward! A short post today on some things I bought from Sephora, the beauty section of Urban Outfitters, and MUJI. Enjoy~


I first got my hands on a cleansing oil and high moisture toner from MUJI’s Balancing Skincare Line. It is supposed to be for combination skin, and claims to balance out the skin’s moisture level.


I also got the Caolion Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack from Urban Outfitters (Sephora only sold this online which makes me annoyed). I’m finally stepping onto the Bubble Mask trend bus!



the product came like this – icky surface…


ooooooo ahhhhhhhh

Now onto the Sephora products. I bought my first ever high-end brushes from Tarte and Sephora’s own brand.


eyeshadow blending and smudge brush



blush and contour brush

I also got Sephora’s Glitterguard eye primer. I don’t use glitter that much, but the formula on this product didn’t seem too tacky or sticky, so I thought it would work well for my daily makeup routine. I reached for the Urban Decay primer as well, but then opted for this more affordable one because the formulas seemed really similar.



I was looking for something to pair with my blackhead O2 mask and really exfoliate my skin – the nice assistant at Sephora recommended ExfoliKate to me. Hefty price though! This tiny sample cost 24 dollars.


Lastly, I picked up Nest Fragrance’s floral mini-duo (Dahlia and Vines and their popular Midnight Fleur). I was disappointed by the fact that the perfumes did not have a spray cap, but the packaging is stunning and the scents on point – perfect for springtime.

That’s all I’ve got for y’all! May be seeing some of these products in a future review, so stay tuned.


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