TRAVEL JOURNEY:A Rainy Day in San Francisco

IMG_1481Spent some time Saturday afternoon exploring San Francisco with a few friends. It’s been a rigorous quarter, and it felt good to take a breather. Although recently, I’ve been feeling a little low and abnormally groggy, but I bet it’s just the rain getting to me. Meh, emotions are just unpredictable, aren’t they? Well, here are some photos of Miss Saigon restaurant and Japantown to cheer both you and me up! Enjoy.




Miss Saigon‘s food was phenomenal. I ordered the beef ball pho – the broth was thick and savory, with a lot of noodles! The atmosphere is kind of cool, especially on a backdrop of a rainy, cloudy day. They had a neon lighted tree at the entrance (I think the tree itself was fake), and neon green ceiling lights and soft romantic French music in the background. The service though. Waiters just minded their own business and we had to really try and get their attention – was not impressed. IMG_1477


banana-stuffed rolls with vanilla ice cream

We then Ubered to Japantown and just chilled there. I bought some necessities from Daiso, a Calpico drink, and some snacks.







strawberry cheesecake kit kats!

IMG_1510We browsed around in a Japanese bookstore called Kinokuniya. I loved the feeling of being in an Asian bookstore because all the kanji just brought me back to China…ah, I really want to be in China right about now~ while it was pouring outside, we were walkin’ around the mall in Japantown, salivating over dessert shops. I discovered a makeup store selling Korean makeup goods, then discovered that it was very clearly fake. Sad.





I went back to my dorm quite content that night (then proceeded to drink 2 coffees and power through four hours of work, haha, #finals). Hope you liked that travel post – follow me to more updates about my travel journeys, and have a great rest of the week~



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