#THINKPINK: 3CE Shimmer Stick and Lipstick Review

Happy Friday and Happy March! Today, we’ll be talking about pink, fresh, springtime themed products with 3CE’s Pink Rumour Dangerous Matte Lip Color in #809 Tell the Truth and Shimmer Stick in #Pink. You can purchase these products on Miibox.


大家好,我今天想再次评价两种Miibox送给我的3CE产品(若想观看上次的测评文章请点这里!),3CE的粉色高光修容棒和粉色谣言磨砂雾面唇膏(#809 TELL THE TRUTH)。呵呵,看来我们今天的颜色主题就是嫩粉色啦-正好,粉色非常适合春天的到来~我们开始评价吧!首先我想分享我对高光棒的感觉。高光棒含有淡粉色珠光和银白珠光,珠光使皮肤立刻看上去有自然弹性感,也有迷人的美白效果。珠光粉一点都不粗,不会使毛孔更突出,不会产生油腻效果,皮肤好似整天有一种微微的glow,美极了。跟BECCA的高光粉比,3CE的颜色偏白(BECCA的偏黄),而且BECCA的高光粉里面的珠光粉稍微明显一点,不象3CE的那样非常适合日常妆。 而且,因为3CE的高光棒是一种慕斯妆质,所以更体贴皮肤.

So I was blown away by 3CE’s Shimmer Stick – it provides a subtle sheen that is natural but definitely there – the sparkle size of the white and pink shimmers are extremely subtle, which is awesome for a velvety, brightening, dewy but non-dramatic finish that doesn’t come off as greasy. If I were to compare this stick with Becca’s highlighters, I think Becca’s has more of a darker base (and Opal has more of a golden cast while 3CE’s has a white-pink cast). Lasts all day as well, so I definitely recommend this product!




a very subtle sheen

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 4.15.36 PM.png

However, when I think about the Dangerous Matte lipstick, I cry inside a little. Why? The packaging is absolutely gorgeous – slick, girly but also edgy, with those cool words in black running down the side…and the color really is amazing too. It is a slightly toned down hot pink color that really makes a statement but also manages to look sweet and feminine. But alas, the formula did not pass the test. Compared to other matte lipsticks, this one balls up in little clumps on the lips, and the color sometimes drags down to the outer corners of your lips by the end of the day. Meh, it does stay on your lips all day, but moves around…for an almost $20 lipstick, this was quite the disappointment.





color slightly brighter than shown

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 4.20.03 PM.png

if only the formula was as good as 3CE claimed


I’m currently trying to power through finals period over here, so apologies for the slower posts. Hope I do well on those exams doe. See you guys soon! ❤


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