3CE: All About Them Eyes [中文&ENG]

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a products post! Miibox, an online distribution company for Asian makeup, skincare, and snacks, kindly sent me a little package of 3CE products to try. Please know that by all means, this is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Today I’ll be reviewing 3CE’s Triple Shadow in #LEMME SEE and their Gel Eye Liner in #LOVE.

网友们,哈罗~首次用中文写blog post,感觉有点紧张但是也很兴奋,希望更多华裔朋友们能关注White Black Blank Spaces哦!今天我想与大家分享一下美国最大亚洲美食与美妆产品网 MiiBox! MiiBox的购物网站非常容易用,价钱又划算,能找到各种各样的亚洲化妆名牌,包括我今天想评价的,超好用的3CE。Mii Box大大方方地送了我一些3CE产品,包括已下的三色立体眼影盘(#LEMME SEE)防水眼线膏(酒红色 #LOVE)。OK,我们开始评价咯~


Let’s dive in and talk about #LEMME SEE. So I love the sparkly gold specks of this shadow trio (it has a shimmering taupe, purple, and bronze color) that instantly light up my eyes, but honestly, the pigmentation was not ideal. The bronze does a decent job, but I was expecting a power punch of purple. Compared to 3CE’s official swatches, I was not blown away. The texture is buttery smooth though, and perhaps good for people who like applying eye makeup with a light hand.

我先谈谈我对眼影的感觉。这款眼影含有很多珠光成分,而且虽然眼影的三个颜色是灰褐色,中性紫色,和青铜色,珠光粉都是金色的。我自己比较喜欢金色珠光粉,的确使眼皮看起来又水润又闪耀,漂漂滴~但是!因为我比较习惯美国URBAN DECAY等品牌的眼影盘,我一般喜欢有更多颜料的眼影。这个眼影盘当中的紫色眼影特别淡,甚至看不出来是紫色的。如果你喜欢化非常淡雅的日常妆,你可放心去买本款化妆品,但是我自己还是比较倾向颜色更重,更明显的眼影!



colors on bottom

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.42.25 PM.png

3CE’s official swatches….

But their gel eyeliner though…homegirl got no words. No words. You guys should know that I’m a huge liquid eyeliner person precisely because I was scarred by smudgy gel eyeliners that made me look like a panda one hour after application. With this eyeliner, you can go for an elegant, mystical flick on the upper lash line or a grungy lower lash line drama – but get this. The stuff won’t budge, at all! This product has shaken my world. Be warned though, the color is amazing, but it is not quite as deep as online swatches, but shows up slightly more true red. Still very flattering and doesn’t overpower your makeup. As a plus, the frosted glass packaging makes it even more perfect than it already is.

3CE的眼线膏就让我真的没坏话可说了。你们要知道,我以前是如此痛恨眼线膏的,呜呜。曾经花钱卖过BOBBI BROWN的,CLINIQUE的,它们的眼线膏画上去不到一个小时就会融化开,把我变成个very可怜的小熊猫(我的眼脸部分自然会出很多油)。这款酒红色眼线震动了我的世界-你用眼线刷将眼线膏画在上眼线或下眼线,随便你,因为他一天都不会动!我在说ALL DAY,朋友们!我太喜欢这款眼线膏了,颜色独特而且又适合化日常妆。可是我想提醒大家,这个产品实际上颜色比网上图片的稍微红一点,亮一点。它的包装很精致,是冰花玻璃做的,太优雅了。

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.51.29 PM.png



soft elegance with a long flick


subtle grunge with lower lash application


Alright, that’s that for this week’s review. Stay tuned and follow my blog or Facebook for another 3CE review coming up next week (ppsss….think pink). Get excited!


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