Happy President’s Day and Valentine’s Day lovely people! I went with some great company to a Turkish Mediterranean restaurant in Menlo Park, CA, called Sultana. This is their website.


The atmosphere is small, but refined and elegant. The waiters were nice, the area was brightly lit, the tables had clean white tableclothes and there were two real roses in glass cups on our table.

I ordered a chicken shish kebab that came with greens and rice, we ordered an appetizer, and received some really delicious bread! The chicken shish kebab wasn’t super unique, but the meat was moist and perfectly seasoned. The rice was lightly salted – I guess it’s the little things that matter. The eggplant hummus served on the appetizer platter went extremely well with the artisan bread.


Here are some even more mouthwatering shots of what a few of my friends ordered:

IMG_1365IMG_1383IMG_1362IMG_1380It was all an all a wonderful little restaurant. Would I go there again? Probably not: given the hefty pricing, I wasn’t particularly blown away. In general, I’d give it 3.5/5 stars.

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