#GRATEFUL: Beauty Blogger Award

Hey guys – thanks to justbeingjulz for nominating me (check out her amazing blog!). I’ve been extremely grateful for this community of beauty bloggers, and really hope you have fun reading my answers to justbeingjulz’s questions! Ok, now let’s talk about moi, moi, moi. 


  • What is your go to lipstick? Right now I’m extremely busy with classes, so I can’t be bothered to think about peeling or cracking lips from dry-formula lipsticks. Dior Addict Lip Glow in Sheer Pink is my go-to right now – instantly provides natural tint while conditioning the lips. I’d love to try out the Lip Glow in Coral.
  • Eyeliner preference: liquid, cream or gel (in a pot), pencil, or other? Definitely black liquid eyeliner – drama, ease of control, and longwear without smudging = perfect for my personality.
  • If you could eat anywhere or anything in the world and price were not a factor, where or what would it be? Erh mah ger that is such a hard question because I love all kinds of food! But as of now, I’d eat at my favorite chain restaurant in China called Green Tea: they have a luxurious dessert bread topped with ice cream, and really juicy beef.
  • What are a few things that you are grateful/thankful for in your life? I’ll name three: (1) my family (2) my work ethics and rational optimism (3) my education/where I’m going to college.
  • If the world was in post-apocalyptic mode what is the first thing you’d do to ensure your survival? Let’s be real, I’d straight-up be that useless protagonist character in horror movies because I’d just be paralyzed with fear and not be able to do anything helpful to deal with the situation. I mean the world just collapsed, might as well die with it, quickly and as soon as possible.
  • What’s your favorite dessert? Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Sometimes I just like the simple things.
  • Where do you want to be living when you retire? Debating between Jeju Island, Taiwan, and Malibu…I really love mainland China but I don’t think my old body could handle the pollution very well. Please Mr. Government, make the air better so it doesn’t slowly poison old people…
  • Were you a fan of the movie Labyrinth? I have no clue what that movie is. *makes mental note to search on IMDB*
  • Tell us one beauty tip. When working with eyeshadow that is prone to fall-out, tilt your head sideways and the fall-out won’t settle on your under-eye area. Very logical and obvious when you think about it, right?
  • Would you consider yourself OCD organized, organized chaos, or somewhere in the middle? Somewhere in the middle. I can’t deal with living long-term in a room that is pristine clean, because it makes me feel like my home is a hotel. But, there is a point when the clutter is too much and I muster up enough energy to tidy things up.

My own ten questions are:

  1. Ideal vacation place, if you were given an unlimited budget?
  2. The current song(s) you like to wake up to in the mornings.
  3. Hair up or hair down?
  4. Favorite all-time lip color – red, coral, fuschia, etc – why?
  5. The last movie that made you cry.
  6. Which celebrity is your beauty obsession right now, and you which you could pull off her makeup look?
  7. What is your personal motto that is inspiring you right now?
  8. What was the best part of your week? The worst?
  9. Describe your signature makeup look in three words.
  10. If you had to choose one makeup item you currently have and ditch all the others forever, which item would you keep?

I nominate A River Lily, Denise, Alisa, Style Breakdown, and Kelly!

The rules are: thank and link back to the person who nominated you, answer the nominator’s questions, make up your own questions, and nominate some other cool beauty bloggers for the award!

Thanks for reading guys~~



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