TASTE JOURNEY: Umami Burger Palo Alto

To kick of the start of the new semester, and bunch of friends and I explored University Avenue’s Umami Burger, a ‘better burger’ place meant to activate umami – the ‘fifth taste bud’.

The atmosphere was super unique and cozy, with hanging ceiling lights and fake books on bookshelves. I absolutely loved it – it gave me a very nook-in-the-cranny feeling.


The food, my friends and I both agree, is phenomenal. The buns are slightly sweet, the meat and freshly grounded every hour, the sauces are unique and perfectly compliments the burger/fries, the fries are to die for…I have no adequate words to describe the food here.


We ordered truffle fries for the table, then I ordered a Cali burger.



This place is absolutely amazing. If you are in Palo Alto or San Francisco, check it out! Here is their official site.

Until next time!


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