#HABITS: Winter Evening Skincare Routine

How is the New Year treating everyone?

I’ll tell you how it’s treating me…during the winter, both on the West and East Coast, the weather tends to dry out my skin. So, in this post, I’ll be sharing my nightly moisturizing routine – enjoy!


My philosophy for a moisturizing, simple evening routine consists of three steps: Prepping the Canvas, Boosting Hydration, and Locking Things In. 

Prep the Canvas –

First, after cleansing my skin, I spritz on a hydrating rose facial spray infused with coconut water. This product from Herbivore smells absolutely wonderful, and not only does it hydrate the skin, but it also increases the absorption of the products I’ll be layering on later.


Boost Hydration –

Next, on particularly dry parts of my face, I apply an easily absorbable (is that a word, don’t kill me) moisturizer. For me, I apply the Hada Labo Cooling Water Cream to the sides of my nostrils where I blow my nose a lot, on my cheeks, and above my mouth. This ensures extra hydration to specifically dry areas without making the skin feel overwhelmed.

Lock Things In –

This is a crucial step that I only do in the fall and winter, when my skin feels extra dry. I use a few drops of facial oil – my current one is a mango seed oil from The Face Shop – and pat it all over my face and neck to provide even more moisture, but importantly to make that moisture last through the night. Oils absorb a little slower than light creams, so your face will have a moisture shield when you are sleeping!


This is my personal philosophy on winter skincare. I’m trying to add a face mask twice a week, but realistically, with my schedule, it’s very easy to remember that step! Stay tuned to future posts, and thanks for reading.



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