FUNNIES: 4 Memes To Describe Winter Break

Winter break has been really awesome so far, complete with impressive productivity on things I need to catch up on, lazy days watching movies and eating Ben and Jerry’s, and most important, feeling truly at home with my family. I’ve been lounging in bed reading Buzzfeed articles so needless to say, for Blogmas Day 12, here are my favorite memes or images that describe winter break for a college girl.fb4ed21e73da9599089cbda4cad1046bc20330f3e1b25de592477535d97074f1

  1. You just vegetate and eat. When your mom protests, you stare at her and say calmly whilst eating your third bowl of ramen:star-wars-eating
  2. Sometimes you feel like you should do something productive, and like you almost get the motivation up to like edit an essay you’ve been working on, but then you’re like, nah. You respect your procrastination. You are recharging your brain, you can succeed in life without even trying, amongst other beautiful lies.laziness-meme
  3. Holy mother of god, randomly meeting that nasty high school teacher or high school “acquaintance” at Stop & Shop. Watch the horrible memories flood back, force a smile, but mutter repeatedly:anigif_enhanced-32216-1409251948-22_preview


  1. You get really pumped up for the New Year, because that’s totally when everything bad will stop happening and life will begin to be perfect. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. pessimism_o_1352745


I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I’ll be posting a holiday party makeup FOTD soon. Thanks for reading!


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