#COOKIN: Korean Fast Food For One

IMG_1149Sometimes the best part of winter break is sitting at home, by a warm fire after an hour of patient cooking to savor your meal. Welcome to Blogmas Day 12, featuring snapshots of deokkbokki and Chapagetti instant jjajjangmyeon noodles, because being healthy is overrated anyway (no just kidding, eat healthy most of the time, don’t die).

I was lazy so I just used some ddeokbokki paste, dumplings, and fish cubes that tasted absolutely heavenly. At the end, I added a raw egg to the pan, which made the texture of the paste more thick and awesome.



it doesn’t look super appealing right now, but just you wait

I made the mistake of pouring in too much water, so I had to wait for such a long time for the soup to turn into actual paste. But it was worth it – the deokkbeokki was delicious.

I enjoyed the food with a refreshing bottle of Izze pomegranate soda. Turns out, the deokkbokki was super filling, so I could barely finished the noodles. But it was so addictively delicious and chewy and flavorful. Enjoy this feast with Youtube videos or some good ol’ CSI.


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