#TREND: The Truth Behind the Ombre Hair Craze

Let’s talk about the link between economy and hairstyles today for Blogmas Day 11!


It’s amazing for me to think about hairstyles as directly correlating with hairstyle trends. I always think hairstyles are just things celebrities do once and it just catches on because people want to be their fave celeb. But this Allure article got me thinking again!

Apparently, ombre hair was made into a thing during the recession, when a lot of women who could not afford to re-dye their hair just let their roots show. Creative stylists took inspiration from these women and offered and ombre dye that would look virtually the same even as roots grew out.

2322-wild-ombre-tresses-with-l-oreal-paris-500x0-2I actually remember being intrigued about this because I dyed my hair six months ago, and at the four month mark, my roots were showing. In the States, people barely focused on the roots, and when I asked them if they noticed, they always said my hair looked fine. The moment I went to China over the summer, even clerks in makeup stores would very politely remind me with a voice of slight condescension to “go get your hair retouched, miss” (I’d nod my head, slightly ashamed, and proceed on awkwardly to buy my makeup). Now I can, well, I can point a haughty finger at her and shout, “Ha, you do not know what I know about the relationship between economy and hair, so what do you even know at all!”

Now, the most recent hair trend is moving back towards full-on, rich hair colors and thin highlights, mostly because the economy is making people slightly more hopeful.


Thin highlights are in, and also tres expensive to pull off

What do you think? Sure makes us reflect a little before any of us blindly obsesses over a new trend.


2 thoughts on “#TREND: The Truth Behind the Ombre Hair Craze

  1. I thought I was being innovative by letting my roots grow out for months, ha. I’m trying to grow back my natural colour (haven’t seen it for a good 7 years) and also refrain from dying my hair, and my hairdresser thought I had had it highlighted! I suppose there are some ups to doing a sloppy DIY job at home – accidental highlights/ombre.

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