TUTORIAL: Dewy Winter Daily Makeup

Aw yeah, we hit Blogmas Day 10! When did I last do a tutorial? In too long. I present my daily Korean-style winter makeup for dry winter skin,  featuring lively lips and bouncy, hydrated cheeks! Perfect no-makeup makeup look.


Good mornin’! Starting off with a bare face and a matcha latte. 🙂


why latte so scalding, burned tongue 😦

Step 1 – Apply a moisturizing mask for 5-10 minutes just for toning up the skin.


Featuring Etude House’s Olive Mask


My best attempt at the ‘deer in front of headlights’ look

Step 2 – Apply a shimmering base like my Missha BB Boomer primer and moisturizing cushion past like my Missha Moisture M Air Cushion for a dewy face.


Missha BB Boomer: Holy Grail product!


After BB cushion

Step 3 – Draw your brows natural and straight with a color a shade lighter than your hair color, for a more youthful look. Here, I’m using PONY’s Easy Shine Glam palette.


Step 4 – Obviously, to get a super dewy look, you needs to layer the highlighter. I’m using my new obsession, Becca Opal liquid highlighter.


Place highlighter on center of cheeks instead of cheekbones to create a bouncy look


Step 5 – Time for lovely eyes. I used Colourpop’s Cowboy eyeshadow (a light lavender base) and two shades from PONY’s Easy Shine Glam 2 – a dewy white shimmering shade for inner corners and a less shimmery, pink color to sweep all over the lids.



shimmers are much more dramatic than in the picture…


Step 6 – I drew a little mini-wing with liquid eyeliner and applied mascara.IMG_1135

Step 7 – This is the highlight (lol, no pun intended) of this look: a hydrating cream color. I’m using this subtle coral color from Dr. PawPaw. The oils from the cream will not suffocate your skin, but intensely hydrate it while giving you an added glow. Just one thing to watch out for is to work the product onto the cheeks gently. Cream formulas tend to swipe away the BB base.


Step 8 – a cute pop of orange on the lips. I did mine gradient lip style – because we need a little color in our life and on our faces!

That’s it everyone, simple and easy. All you really need is a high-quality highlighter and cream blush to pull off a good variation of this look. More tutorials coming up soon! Stay tuned.


puffed my cheeks up so the camera could pick up on the dewy cheeks haha



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